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Strong, healthy and beautiful nails - 6 tips

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Ladies, what's the status of your nails really? Are they hard and strong? Do you have long and beautiful nails that catch the jealous eye of all your friends? If this is not the case for you, you may want to read this interesting blog post because I'm about to give you 6 important tips to make your finger- and toe nails significantly stronger, healthier and more beautiful!

The first secret to beautiful nails:
Take BIOTIN supplements

A whole bunch of research has taught us that Biotin, which is a vitamin B variant, significantly increases the strength, hardness and overall cellular structuring of the nails. Biotin makes the nail surface harder (in the long run a lot more effective then nail hardeners) and more lasting. It can prevent breaking and tearing of the nails while the inner cellular nail-cell structure is optimized and enhanced. A dose of 2 to 3 milligrams on a daily basis is advised. You can also balance your diet to include more foods that are rich in Biotin.

Food items containing Biotin include

  • Swiss Chard, a green veg that ranks at the top of the list when it comes to Biotin
  • Eggs are also rich in Biotin. Chicken eggs in particular
  • Carrots. Besides caroteen which is good for your eyes, carrots also contain a lot of Biotin
  • Berries such as (but not limited to) raspberries and strawberries and other forest fruits
  • Cow and goat milk and cow and goat cheese. In particular the traditional Dutch cheeses like Gouda's and Edam cheese
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts are also a rich source of Biotin vitamin B
  • Halibut, a fish that is not only delicious but also a good source of Biotin. This fish is additionally know to boost your brain power. Make sure it's as fresh as possible
  • Onion and cucumber among several other vegetables. Try to buy them organic though, you don't want to end up with those nasty harmful chemicals in your body!

Be careful with professional manicures

Visiting the manicure salon may be an enjoyable luxury to yourself, but to your nails it's a quite different story is true. When you go to the manicure / pedicure salon too often your nails may suffer from dryness, and slowly but surely start to brittle. There are a few recent studes that supports this claim, carefully conducted by Stern & associates. If you want to get yourself a manicure or pedicure treatment, that's fine and it surely can be beneficial, but be sure to limit it to once a month. And when you do, I strongly advice you to bring your own nail-tools down with you. This way you will be fully certain that there won't be any cross-infection or transfer of harmful bacteria from other people's nails. Your favorite boutique may seem clean and neat, but to be totally frank, you simply never know for sure.

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Beautiful nail art
No acetone based nail polish remover!

Acetone severely harms your nails. It burns into the skin (nails are skin) and harms the inside and outside. If you're in the habit of regularly using acetone based nail polish remover that probably means it makes your nails soft and brittle, and it severely harms the cellular structure a lot. Instead of cleaning your nails with acetons based remover, smoothly file your nails in one direction (so not back and forth) to remove the top layer of nail polish and at the same time bring forth a fresh layer of nail-surface. Don't scrape, do it gentle and lightly.

Don't wash your hands too often

Soaps contain chemicals. And although they may help you to get rid of germs and dirt, these chemicals also have their effect on both your skin cells and texture as well as your precious nails. Washing your hands might be hygienic but don't overdo it! A few times a day is more then enough. Personally I wash my hands before every meal with (organic) soap, after every meal with plain water and before going to bed with detergent. Practicing this way will save your beautiful skin and nails from unnecessary damage and chemical harm.

Raw Gaia Shikakai Hair Wash
Choose an organic shampoo

When you wash your hair, your finger, and nails included are all over the chemical soap. It may be for a short while only, but the heavy chemicals in shampoos and conditioners do affect the quality of your nails. And if it weren't for your nails you should change to organic shampoo anyway, because your hair as well suffers a great deal (although it may not seem like that, believe me, commercially sold shampoos and conditioners make your hair look nice and smell fresh but that doesn't say anything about whether it's actually good or not!). Need a good organic shampoo or soap? Check out the Raw Gaia products. Look for the Raw Gaia Shikakai Hair Wash which not only works very well but gives your hair an awesome natural scent that attracts a lot of people asking you desperately which brand shampoo you're using! Take it from me :)

Don't forget your toe nails!

You may not see them all day but your toe nails are as much important as your finger nails girls! All the tips and tricks previously described count for the toe nails just as much. After all, who want to have pretty finger nails when in the meantime the ones down below look aweful and are in a very poor condition?!

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