Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chemical cosmetics disrupt the hormone balance severely

Cpsmetic poisoning is real!
Today's consumer like you and me is inundated and attacked by all kinds of different hormone disruptors. Very few people are actually aware enough to see it... Here's what all these chemicals do to our precious body: disrupt, attack, kill and destruct! A group of health experts from the French, Dutch and Austrian governments are now pushing the EU regulators to specifically define these endocrine disruptors and to ban those products that are proven to harm the female hormone system. Although I give that little chance since the large cosmetic conglomerates play the game of political influence too well through the NWO... So I guess we have to be very careful ourselves with what we apply onto our skin!

The creeping risks of chemical cosmetics

Endocrine disruptors are far greater insidious risks to the human body then many others alike. We should restrict chemical endocrine disruptors in principle, because the ability of the human body to resist and fight off these harmful chemicals (that may make your skin look good but damage your inside) causes disease in the long term, including risk of cancer. The chemicals throw the endocrine system off balance and disrupt important gland functions.

A major cause of health problems today is the invisible war that is going on in the endocrine (hormone) system. The war against the endocrine glands. This silent war is being waged by the pesticide industry, the plastics industry and the major perfume and cosmetics companies, with their chemicals that cause widespread endocrine disruption in our body and the environment as a whole. Consumers themselves have no notion of the manner in which these substances damage their body.

One solution... Switch over to organic cosmetics! Just as good (or sometimes even better such as RawGaia Skin Food), a few dollars more but guaranteed safe and healthy!

Margarine from rapeseed / canola oil is ONE molecule distinct from PLASTIC

After World War II, the demand for rapeseed declined drastically and the agricultural sector began to look for other uses for this plant and its products. Extracts of rapeseed oil were placed on the market for the first time as a food product in  the years1956-1957. But... those possessed some unacceptable characteristics. Rapeseed oil has quite an unpleasant taste and a repulsive characteristic greenish color due to the presence of chlorophyll. It also contains a high concentration of erucic acid that, when it is consumed in considerable amounts causes damage to the heart. It was also not particularly suitable as animal feed because of high levels of sharp-tasting compounds called glucosinolates.

Rape was always seen as a plant that was not suitable for the food ina verydustry. This changed when a few greedy scientists their eye dropped. They just saw relatively inexpensive product that could make tonnes of cash! Nowadays, the use of rapeseed oil, which is from chemical perspective a mere single molecule different from plastic, has been only increased in usage, and is globally used in most (78.2%) of margarines as well as in other food supplements. For marketing purposes, the name 'Rape' or 'rape oil "was changed to canola.

Canola is as sodium benzoate. It suffocates cells, ruins immunity and requires extra processing by the body to filter. It is very clear that "mother nature" never intended this stuff to be food. Toxic synthetic oil! That's why it stinks too! Companies that handle rape must first remove the stinky smell by deodorisation. And how? Canola is produced using the cheap and extremely toxic "hexanedamp", a dangerous gasoline component. Canola margarine can be the cause of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease because this plastic fat goes straight into our veins, including those of our brains.

Next time you do your grocery shopping... Don't touch that stuff!!

Wearing a bra is one of the major causes of breast cancer

Wearing bra causes breast cancer
Renowned anthropologists Sydney and Ross Singer and Soma and Grismaijer have recently done extensive research into the links between bras and breast cancer and have come to the (scientific) conclusion that the lymphatic constriction, which is a definite result of wearing bras, on large scale prevent toxins and other waste products in the female body to be effectively eliminated.

This in turn leads to a build up of carcinogens. Bras cut off circulation flow in the body. Because lymphatic vessels are enormously thin, they are very sensitive to pressure and can be easily compressed. Sydney Singer notes that the continuous wearing of bras over the course of several years or decades may very well eventually lead to the development of breast cancer. Less oxygen and fewer nutrients to be delivered to the cells in the breasts, while the waste is not washed away.

Those are powerful facts and science seems to sanction it. On the basis of a study in which women who wear a bra are being compared with women who do not, the risk of developing breast cancer in the first group of women was significantly higher than in the second group while atthe same time we can see that women who do not wear bras have approximately the same risk of developing breast cancer as the average person, which is in actual fact very low!

Women who always wear a bra, even at night, have an even higher chance of three times to develop breast cancer. Women who want to prevent the development of breast cancer will do best to wear a bra as little as possible, certainly less than 8 hours per day. The past 20 years alone, over two million women in the United States alone are diagnosed with breast cancer, which could have been easily avoided if they had simply didn't ewra a bra regularly!

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Trends in pussy makeup / vagina beautifying

Apart from beautifying your vagina with jewelry (labia piercings and clitoris piercings), there are many other ways to enhance the look of your vagina. Whether you want to do that with amazing glitter sprinkles, painting your pubic hair in an exciting color, shaving your pubic hair in a beautiful shape or the many other ays there are available in the field of "vagina fashion", I'm sure there are things you will certainly like!

The above examples however are done for quite some time already, and I would like to introduce you to the latest trends in pussy fashion / vagina makeup world!

Vagina vagazzling
Vagazzling and vagacials are two terms that are very new and mean so much as "make-up for your vagina". Are you the most trendy girl in town and you want to be the first to get started with this upcoming hype? Well start blushing your labia! There is also a special bleech-creme available called "Pink Daisy" that will help you to smoothen out the darker areas on and around your pussy.

Trendy Merkin, a beautiful and
sexy alternative for panties!
The Merkin (as an alternative to wearing panties) is also making a comeback. What is a merkin? Well, it's some kind of "wig" to cover your vagina, and there are quite a few very fashionable ones on the market right now! Merkins date back to the 15th century, when they were worn by prostitues of those days to somehow cover their pussy while at the same time attracting men towards them. Nowadays, the merkin is coming back in a way more fashionable form with bright colors and patterns.

Rejuvernating your vagina
Still not enough for you? Then you must be glad to hear that there are now not only these amazing glitter available to spray on your pussy, you also have the option to install real diamonds and crystals on top of the skin of your venus-hill or pussy lips! But before you start beautifying your vagina, sex-trend-spotters recommend you should first go for a "vagacial". Similar to the facial treatment, the vagacial will rejuvenate your vagina which includes waxing, a vagina mask, skin smoothing, skin whitening, resurfacing, moisturizing and more of such.

And for the more extreme things we could turn to labia injectables and vaginal plastic surgery but I guess that's something for a completely different blog post!