Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chemical cosmetics disrupt the hormone balance severely

Cpsmetic poisoning is real!
Today's consumer like you and me is inundated and attacked by all kinds of different hormone disruptors. Very few people are actually aware enough to see it... Here's what all these chemicals do to our precious body: disrupt, attack, kill and destruct! A group of health experts from the French, Dutch and Austrian governments are now pushing the EU regulators to specifically define these endocrine disruptors and to ban those products that are proven to harm the female hormone system. Although I give that little chance since the large cosmetic conglomerates play the game of political influence too well through the NWO... So I guess we have to be very careful ourselves with what we apply onto our skin!

The creeping risks of chemical cosmetics

Endocrine disruptors are far greater insidious risks to the human body then many others alike. We should restrict chemical endocrine disruptors in principle, because the ability of the human body to resist and fight off these harmful chemicals (that may make your skin look good but damage your inside) causes disease in the long term, including risk of cancer. The chemicals throw the endocrine system off balance and disrupt important gland functions.

A major cause of health problems today is the invisible war that is going on in the endocrine (hormone) system. The war against the endocrine glands. This silent war is being waged by the pesticide industry, the plastics industry and the major perfume and cosmetics companies, with their chemicals that cause widespread endocrine disruption in our body and the environment as a whole. Consumers themselves have no notion of the manner in which these substances damage their body.

One solution... Switch over to organic cosmetics! Just as good (or sometimes even better such as RawGaia Skin Food), a few dollars more but guaranteed safe and healthy!


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