Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wearing a bra is one of the major causes of breast cancer

Wearing bra causes breast cancer
Renowned anthropologists Sydney and Ross Singer and Soma and Grismaijer have recently done extensive research into the links between bras and breast cancer and have come to the (scientific) conclusion that the lymphatic constriction, which is a definite result of wearing bras, on large scale prevent toxins and other waste products in the female body to be effectively eliminated.

This in turn leads to a build up of carcinogens. Bras cut off circulation flow in the body. Because lymphatic vessels are enormously thin, they are very sensitive to pressure and can be easily compressed. Sydney Singer notes that the continuous wearing of bras over the course of several years or decades may very well eventually lead to the development of breast cancer. Less oxygen and fewer nutrients to be delivered to the cells in the breasts, while the waste is not washed away.

Those are powerful facts and science seems to sanction it. On the basis of a study in which women who wear a bra are being compared with women who do not, the risk of developing breast cancer in the first group of women was significantly higher than in the second group while atthe same time we can see that women who do not wear bras have approximately the same risk of developing breast cancer as the average person, which is in actual fact very low!

Women who always wear a bra, even at night, have an even higher chance of three times to develop breast cancer. Women who want to prevent the development of breast cancer will do best to wear a bra as little as possible, certainly less than 8 hours per day. The past 20 years alone, over two million women in the United States alone are diagnosed with breast cancer, which could have been easily avoided if they had simply didn't ewra a bra regularly!

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