Sunday, 26 May 2013

Secret tips that will make you get pregnant fast and easy

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Tips on how to get pregnant fast
If you desperately want to get pregnant fast, you're just in the right place, because the following tips, tricks and secrets can help you a lot to boost your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant faster. It may be the case that you have avoided to get pregnant for a long time, you were not ready or you didn't find the right partner yet... but once you’re really ready for a cute little baby of your own, you probably, like most women, want it to happen as fast as possible. The following tips and advisories provide you with the best, most effective ways to get pregnant fast. Ready to learn more? Let's go!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

How can I make my hair grow faster? Hair growing secrets, tips, tricks and facts

There isn't a real good, fail-safe way to accelerate your hair growth, but there are some not scientifically proven methods to stimulate healthy hair growth. As well as a number of things you should avoid if you want your hair to grow longer and faster.

To make my hair grow faster good and
healthy food is one of the things you should
take care of when you want to grow your
hair faster and get stronger hair
Healthy diet for stimulating your hair to grow faster

First off, the best advice: follow a healthy, steady diet. Don't go on crash diets or other extreme things related to your diet when you want to grow your hair faster. A disbalanced diet slows down the growth of your hair and makes it less strong and thinner.Try to eat enough proteins, and take vitamin B + vitamin C rich foods. Adding multi-vitamin is not such a bad idea as well. Prenatal vitamins are known to improve the look, length and strength of hair (and skin).

A healthy diet is essential for healthy hair
Soon on this blog I will provide a very good healthy hair diet, so be sure to subscribe or follow this blog! This diet is specially designed to make you hair grow faster.

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Madeleine Heller, dietitian in Toulouse, France:
Basically you can apply the golden quote we all know: What you eat is what you are. Eat healthy and your entire body will become more healthy, and so does your hair! Healthy hair grows faster, is stronger and looks more shiny and brighter. What;s especially important for hair is proteins and vitamins. Eat fresh (regularly raw), biological and non genetically modified fruits and vegetables (at least 200 grams a day) and the quality and hair growth will improve almost instantly!
So, keeping that advice in mind, you should fairly easy be able to improve your hair growth rate quite quickly and effectively. Do share your experiences with all of us if you have any.

 Stimulating hair growth with hair growing products

Hair growing spray...
Does it really work??
There are many hair growth products openly available on the market, some hair growing products give better results then others. Always check if the hair growing product is clinically tested and approved by health authorities. Check if you're not allergic to any one of the ingredients in the specific hair growing product.

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Hair growth: facts

Fact: Hair that was torn out of your head, with root included DOES grow back. However, it takes a lot longer for the hair to grow back. A new hair root must grow back first. It may take up to a week before a new hair root is formed again.

Fact: Hair grows from the root and grows from the inside to the outside. That's why it doesn't matter whether the hair is short oir long, recently cut or not been cut in months, hair grows at the same speed at all times.So on the topic How to grow hair faster, cutting it more often will not make any difference.

Fact: Hair is thicker at the root then at the end. This is why the hair appears to grow faster when you shave it off. The hair doesn't grow faster, it only looks like it's growing faster because the hair is thicker and take up more volume.

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Hair loss after pregnancy

During a pregnancy many things in a woman’s life take a different route then normal. When you look further then the obvious physical changes, you may also notice changes in other parts of the female body. Changes in skin and joints… and the hair as well. The hair can change in thickness or even temporarily go into hair loss mode. The hormones that are associated with pregnancy (for example oxitoxine) sometimes cause seemingly awkward changes in the female body, in some cases even before a pregnancy test is being done. The influence of hormones starts from the moment of conception.

Many pregnant women notice that their hair becomes thicker, more shiny, and getting an increased volume. But the exact opposite also happens in some other cases. If you're pregnant you can get back to your normal hair state during your pregnancy. Dry hair can be battled with a good hair conditioner, although breaking hair may be more difficult to avoid. Hair usually breaks a few centimeters from the root.

Many pregnant women also complain about hair loss. This is usually not during, but after the pregnancy. This is temporary, it should become up to normal again after two to three weeks.

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