Thursday, 2 July 2015

The dangers of RFID chip implants

What are RFID micro chips?

RFID microchip
FID stands for "Radio Frequency IDentification". This is a technology that is increasingly used as a method of personal identification, to make payments / on-the-spot tansactions or even at borders to enter a country without needing a passport. The idea was initially that the RFID chip would contain a library worth of personal / private information such as personal details, fingerprints, identification photos and for instance medical records. But we are seeing more and more of these "private data" being stored in large cloud databases instead (like "the Beast" for instance) while only the most critical identification details are actually stored on the implanted (or un-implanted) microchip itself. We see that for example most countries that have implemented RFID as an immigration / border crossing method, choose to store entry- and exit logs onto their own systems. Same also counts for hospitals, banks, et. al.

What are the risks of RFID chips?

Okay, so as I explained above RFID chips use radio frequency waves to transmit information and in addition, the latest models of chip implants are even equipped with self-powered 3G and GPS nanochips. All those "waves" are actually extremely devestating to our body, our organs and tissue. And it even causes cancer in the long run! Which is in fact no different from smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses or smart jewelry... except that these are worn externally and thus a "little bit" less intrusive. Apart from that there are risks of infections, as well as a possibility of your body rejecting the implant, which brings great internal stress and possible swelling of tissue around the implanted microchip.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Are you insecure about your vagina?

Vulva art: The beauty of the female sex

Feeling sexually confident with your vagina

Article reading time: 4 minutes
Keywords: Vulva anatomy, sexual psychology, self esteem

Learn how to appreciate and accept your pussy

This is a free PSA for vagina-doubtful ladies
Guest post by Jennifer (19)

Your vagina is a temple
Before we begin, let me tell you the most important rule you should always remind yourself of: everybody and every body is different! Some of us are bigger, others of us are smaller, some dark, some white or any shade in between..., some may be marked up and individualized, some unmarked and individualized, and the list goes on and on. And well, every body (everybody) is beautiful in its own way. And there are as many likes and testes as there are bodies!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Gorgeous and amazing rhinestone boots post earrings

Blue rhinestone boot post earring
Stay orgininal in the new year and wear one of these awesome designs of rhinestone boots post earrings! Wooww! They are being sold for just about ten bucks a pair through various online shops, doing a Google search will get you there immediately.
Blue rhinestone boots post earrings

Gorgeous rgubestone jewelry

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What determines your physical fitness level / physical shape

In this short piece I'm going to lay out for you the various components that make up your physical fitness as a whole. We can sub-categorize these into two sections, namely health related and skill related, each of those containing ficve or six components of physical fitness, in total eleven. Because each of these twelve can be measured and improved, they are all considered full (and equal) components of pohysical fitness. By accomplishing a high level (above average) in at least three components in each group one will be entitled "physical fit". In the US Navy Seals, one would be required to excell in all 11 physical fitness components.

On the physical health level:

  • Body composition
    The percentage of bone, fat, water and muscles in your body
  • Cardio-respiratory endurance
    The ability of your heart, lungs and blood-vessels to transport the required amount of oxygen, for a longer time-span, in order to get rid of the waste product that are building up in your muscles
  • Muscular endurance
    The ability of your muscles to contract at sub-maximum resistance over a longer period of time. We measure this is number of repetitions agains resistance
  • Muscular strength
    Maximum force / resistance / tension that can be generated by a muscle or muscle-group
  • Flexibility
    The specific range of motion (elasticity) of a specific joint, measured in degrees

On the physical skills level

  • Power
    The ability of your muscles to generate force ocver a short period of time. Kicks, jumps and punching are a few examples
  • Reaction time
    The time that is needed to start an action after the initial signal is received
  • Speed
    Your ability to perform a specific movement in a certain period of time
  • Balance
    Your ability to maintain equilibrium while moving or when standing still
  • Coordination
    This is your ability to use your senses, sight and hearing for example, in line with the functioning of a set of muscle groups to complete an activity accurately
  • Agility
    The ability to change your physical position accurately and speedy

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The most amazing lip colors inspired by celebrities

Are you sickn and tired of those super-boring old-fashioned, standard lipstick colors that almost everyone already has anyway? Especially for you we selected three totally stunning and super original, mega gorgeous lip colors that will make you the instant star of your scene!

This really is a quick & easy shortcut for looking completely exclusive and glamorous while you wear minimal make-up!! And you don't even have to believe me, rather take it from a few of the world's most popular and charismatic celebs that have been spotted wearing these awesome lip colors in private and in public.

Friday, 3 October 2014

10 ways to stop hair to turn grey

HELP! My hair turns grey!

How can I prevent grey hair growth?

Hair that turns grey presses our nose deep down to the fact that we're getting old. And getting grey hairs can come sooner then you may have been expecting!

Really, some people start growing grey hairs even in their late 20's! It's quite normal actually, and the few grey (or white) hairs that you can find will only increase year by year...

A melanin deficiency

The quite infamous "going grey" is in fact caused by a sincere lack of so called "melanin" in your hair, a chemical that gives the hair its blonde, brown, red or black color. You may typically produce less melanin as you start to get older. How fast your hair becomes grey all depends on your personal lifestyle and it could well be that this process creeps up earlier than expected.

There's no absolute cure for becoming grey and getting away with your hair becoming less melanin powered, grey or white, however, there are a few things you can do to minimize grey hair development. Below are:

10 things you can do to prevent your hair from turning grey:

  1. Less stress and worrying keeps the beautiful color of your hair last longer
  2. Quit the cigarettes now to prevent early grey hair development
  3. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water every day to keep your hair (and body) sufficiently hydrated
  4. Add copper to your diet or in supplement form
  5. Eat more iodine-rich food or take iodine supplements to increase hair strength
  6. Protein powers your hair and skin, get more pure proteins
  7. Sufficient sleep, at best 7 to 8 hours per day and 4 hours extra during weekends
  8. Make sure you get enough vitamin B12
  9. Improve blood circulation. You may not straight away think about this but it really helps to keep the hair vital!
  10. Use organic shampoo! Almost 99% of the regular chemically fabricated brand shampoos are extremely harmful for your hair in the long term. PLEASE for your own good, switch to 100% organic

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cinnamon, benefits health and taste

Cinnamon is a widely used spice in Eastern cooking, and increasingly in the Western kitchen as well. While there are many different variations in Cinnamon species, some of them even being poison to the human body, many other (lighter) Cinnamon species have shown to do many good things for our overall health.

If you buy Cinnamon from a spices shop or supermarket you don't have to worry about the spice being poisonous, these are carefully selected and tested before being processed and released onto the food market.

A wild Cinnamon plant in
Cameron Highlands, Perak, Malaysia
When you're eager to get your hands on the best quality Cinnamon, try to find those that come from the Cameron Highlands region in Malaysia. These are most often optimally conditioned while being kept 100% organic.

The great benefits of spicing up your food with Cinnamon

Below are the 10 most important health benefits that Cinnamon will give your body:

  • Cinnamon has the amazing feature of de-clotting your blood veins
  • The tasty spice also lowers your blood-sugar level which can assist diabetes type II patients
  • The delicious smell of Cinnamon is not only a joy for you but it also activates and boosts memory and cognitive cells in the brain
  • If your food happens to contain traces of Ecoli bacteria... Cinnamon is designed to fight off these bacteria
  • Bad headache? Migraine? Hangover? Cinnamon cures fast and effectively!
  • Each day a pinch of Cinnamon can lower yourt cholestorol
  • The spice is strongly anti-fungal, which makes sure your stomach and intestinal system becomes and remains free of fungae
  • Cinnamon has been provn to treat cancer
  • And last but certainly not least, this amazing spice gives you a better breath, especially if you're a smoker!

Try adding a little bit of Cinnamon to each meal for a week, and I promise you, you'll never want to do otherwise anymore!