Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What determines your physical fitness level / physical shape

In this short piece I'm going to lay out for you the various components that make up your physical fitness as a whole. We can sub-categorize these into two sections, namely health related and skill related, each of those containing ficve or six components of physical fitness, in total eleven. Because each of these twelve can be measured and improved, they are all considered full (and equal) components of pohysical fitness. By accomplishing a high level (above average) in at least three components in each group one will be entitled "physical fit". In the US Navy Seals, one would be required to excell in all 11 physical fitness components.

On the physical health level:

  • Body composition
    The percentage of bone, fat, water and muscles in your body
  • Cardio-respiratory endurance
    The ability of your heart, lungs and blood-vessels to transport the required amount of oxygen, for a longer time-span, in order to get rid of the waste product that are building up in your muscles
  • Muscular endurance
    The ability of your muscles to contract at sub-maximum resistance over a longer period of time. We measure this is number of repetitions agains resistance
  • Muscular strength
    Maximum force / resistance / tension that can be generated by a muscle or muscle-group
  • Flexibility
    The specific range of motion (elasticity) of a specific joint, measured in degrees

On the physical skills level

  • Power
    The ability of your muscles to generate force ocver a short period of time. Kicks, jumps and punching are a few examples
  • Reaction time
    The time that is needed to start an action after the initial signal is received
  • Speed
    Your ability to perform a specific movement in a certain period of time
  • Balance
    Your ability to maintain equilibrium while moving or when standing still
  • Coordination
    This is your ability to use your senses, sight and hearing for example, in line with the functioning of a set of muscle groups to complete an activity accurately
  • Agility
    The ability to change your physical position accurately and speedy

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