Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The most amazing lip colors inspired by celebrities

Are you sickn and tired of those super-boring old-fashioned, standard lipstick colors that almost everyone already has anyway? Especially for you we selected three totally stunning and super original, mega gorgeous lip colors that will make you the instant star of your scene!

This really is a quick & easy shortcut for looking completely exclusive and glamorous while you wear minimal make-up!! And you don't even have to believe me, rather take it from a few of the world's most popular and charismatic celebs that have been spotted wearing these awesome lip colors in private and in public.

The Scandal star, Kerry Washington, proves you can absolutely wear a fun, bold lip and still be lady-licious and powerful at the same time. Think of Dutch style orange lipstick as a stunningly flattering, slightly playful alternative for your go-to red. Watch out tho not to wear this lipstick when your national soccer team is playing a match against the Netherlands... This color is available at M.A.C. (Morange) and it's priced US$16

The candy-colored lips of Shay Mitchell are a real nice example of how flirty and attractive one can look only by using a certain lipstick color! Again, it's a little daring but not quite over the edge. And if you follow the Pretty Little Liars star's example and apply only minimal eye make-up, you are ensured that the focus stays purely on your lips. She's wearing Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick (Vivid Violet) and it's yours for 20 bucks.

We can't ignore the fact that the 90's are in heave comeback. And especially because it's autumn this super retro, brown lipstick, worn by Sarah Hyland is a total must for your own personal make-up collection! It's definitely glam, and oh so special! BITE Matte Cream Lip Crayon in Cognac shade. You can have it for $23.

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