Thursday, 2 July 2015

The dangers of RFID chip implants

What are RFID micro chips?

RFID microchip
FID stands for "Radio Frequency IDentification". This is a technology that is increasingly used as a method of personal identification, to make payments / on-the-spot tansactions or even at borders to enter a country without needing a passport. The idea was initially that the RFID chip would contain a library worth of personal / private information such as personal details, fingerprints, identification photos and for instance medical records. But we are seeing more and more of these "private data" being stored in large cloud databases instead (like "the Beast" for instance) while only the most critical identification details are actually stored on the implanted (or un-implanted) microchip itself. We see that for example most countries that have implemented RFID as an immigration / border crossing method, choose to store entry- and exit logs onto their own systems. Same also counts for hospitals, banks, et. al.

What are the risks of RFID chips?

Okay, so as I explained above RFID chips use radio frequency waves to transmit information and in addition, the latest models of chip implants are even equipped with self-powered 3G and GPS nanochips. All those "waves" are actually extremely devestating to our body, our organs and tissue. And it even causes cancer in the long run! Which is in fact no different from smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses or smart jewelry... except that these are worn externally and thus a "little bit" less intrusive. Apart from that there are risks of infections, as well as a possibility of your body rejecting the implant, which brings great internal stress and possible swelling of tissue around the implanted microchip.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Are you insecure about your vagina?

Vulva art: The beauty of the female sex

Feeling sexually confident with your vagina

Article reading time: 4 minutes
Keywords: Vulva anatomy, sexual psychology, self esteem

Learn how to appreciate and accept your pussy

This is a free PSA for vagina-doubtful ladies
Guest post by Jennifer (19)

Your vagina is a temple
Before we begin, let me tell you the most important rule you should always remind yourself of: everybody and every body is different! Some of us are bigger, others of us are smaller, some dark, some white or any shade in between..., some may be marked up and individualized, some unmarked and individualized, and the list goes on and on. And well, every body (everybody) is beautiful in its own way. And there are as many likes and testes as there are bodies!