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Are you insecure about your vagina?

Vulva art: The beauty of the female sex

Feeling sexually confident with your vagina

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Learn how to appreciate and accept your pussy

This is a free PSA for vagina-doubtful ladies
Guest post by Jennifer (19)

Your vagina is a temple
Before we begin, let me tell you the most important rule you should always remind yourself of: everybody and every body is different! Some of us are bigger, others of us are smaller, some dark, some white or any shade in between..., some may be marked up and individualized, some unmarked and individualized, and the list goes on and on. And well, every body (everybody) is beautiful in its own way. And there are as many likes and testes as there are bodies!

My basis for blogging forward and about this specific sexual psychological health subject is actually my own bodily doubts and concerns I had about my vagina. I decided to do a little bit of research on the matter and basically I turned out happily surprised to learn that me and my pussy are actually perfectly normal, despite what I expected and believed for so many yeays! And hopefully my post will bring you to realize that you are too.
Basic diagram / drawing of vagina / vulva anotomy

What is the difference between vulva and vagina?

The vulva is basically the exterior of your pussy, while the vagina is the interior (pictured above). The clitoris is an extremely sensitive nerve packed sex organ near the top of your inside pussy lips (labia minora). Some girls find it incredibly arousing when its stimulated, and others find it too sensitive to do much with their clit at all. The urethra is bluntly stated your pee hole.

Vaginalips / Labia drawing

Labia (lips)

Labias (your pussy lips) come in all shapes and sizes. many girls are very self-conscious about their labias, namely the labia minora (inner lips) that may tend to protrude, or be unsymmetrical with some girls. nobody should be ashamed for anything tho. Please don’t doubt any physical features of your pussy! Labias are essentially there to protect your vagina. If they happen to be a little bigger or longer than you think they should be it just means they’re doing an EXTRA good job taking care of your pussy. and if they aren’t even so what? this is very common.

Hey and if you worry about other people's opinions, trust me when I tell you that if someone's lucky enough to go down on you, he or she won’t be complaining or really care at all.

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