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Lip care tips and tricks: How to make your lipstick last the whole day and more

Welcome to the lip care guide
Welcome to this quick guide to lip care. In this lip-care guide I will give you tips and tricks on how to care for your lips, how to keep them healthy and beautiful and what you can do to make your lips look even better! You will also learn how to properly protect your lips. Lips are very sensitive And they need good care on daily basis.

Do you want to walk around with cracked lips or otherwise unhealthy looking lips? In this article you'll find a few ways to prevent that from happening to you!

How to make your lipstick last the whole day

You will need to prepare a few things in advance for this secret tip: lipstick, baby powder, concealer, lip-gloss, lip-balm and a tissue. Ok got that? Let's get started!

First make sure your lips are clean, wash them with water and never use toxit soaps such as Dettol. They can harm the delicate skin of your lips. Next, dry them with a soft paper and apply a small layer of lip-balm. This is needed to keep the soft skin of your lips moisturized during the day. It prevents cracking and roughness of your lips.

Next up it's time to apply a little layer of concealer. You need to cover the whole lip area and when you're done wait for half a minute for it to settle. Now you are ready to apply your lipsycik. Make it evenly and not too thick. Just enough for the color to come out nicely. If you want it to look more elegant I advise you to use a brush instead of the stick, try it out some time!

When you're done you will need to apply a little layer of baby-powder over the lipstick. Blot it a little with the tissue paper and re-apply a little more of the baby powder until the color looks nice. Don't re-apply lipstick over the baby powder, it will make a mess and doesn't give a good end result. If the color is too light you might want to wash everything off and start over again using a darker lip-stick.

The final step gives your lips that extra superstar glamour... A good layer of lip-gloss.

And here's a free bonus tip: If you really want to look classy, line your lips with a lip-liner just before applying the lip-stick. It really gives that extra special look you need to impress people!

Your lips are thirsty too!

Tell me honestly, do you want to walk around with cracked lips or otherwise unhealthy looking lips? In this article you'll find a few ways to prevent that from happening to you!

Your lips need water too!
We all know that in order to keep our body healthy, we should drink at least a liter of water per day. That's for the internal part of our body, but what about the outside? And in particular our lips, since that's the subject of this blog series. How much hydration do your lips need? What happens if the lips get too less hydration? Out too much?

Lips are skin on the outside and flesh on the inside. While the skin is delicate and soft, the fleshy inside is a fatty cushion. Both inside and outside of your lips need proper hydration in order to stay beautiful and soft. Especially water. Most of the times you may not realize it, but drinking stuff that contains chemicals or other non-natural substances is not at all so friendly for your lips. Even though the effect is little, drinkng coffee and coke all day every day for sure has a certain damaging effect on your lips!

So try to stay with water, fruit juices and other healthy drinks instead. In fact most fruit juices are even able to improve the skin of your lips over time since they contain many vitamins that get absorbed by the skin, and the skin LOVES vitamins! Drinking a normal amount of liquid on a daily basis should be perfectly fine. Normal amount is anywhere between two to three liters a day. Less then that and your body will get hydration problems, more then that and other problems may occur.

And one last thing...if you're a smoker... Please stop doing that immediately! It will not only kill you from the inside but smoking also makes your lips become dry, dirty, full of harmful toxins and dis-colored. It's never a good time to quit smoking, so just do it now!

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