Friday, 14 June 2013

Silk and satin pajamas

You had a busy and long day at work, tired and all you want to do is kick off your heels, take off your business- or working clothes, change into more comfortable wear and sit back on the sofa to relax. And, my dear readers, what csn be more comfortable then to enjoy your evening in a soft silk, or satin pajama?

Silk and satin pajamas are sexy, extremely comfortable, light on the skin, durable (longer life-span than cotton pajamas), anti-allergic (ideal if you have sensitive skin or an allergy).

Silk and satin, does it feel cold or hot?
Silk or satin pajamas also adjust very nicely to your body temperature, hereby eliminating the myth that silk and satin fabric would be cold in winter-time and hot on summer days. For the women with self-respect, satin and silk pajamas are really THE thing to wear all year round!

Silk and satin fit delicately around the skin
Pajamas made of silk or satin also slide very tenderly along your skin making it easy to move and even more so, your body movements are actually much more elegant and appealing to the eyes of the significant other!

Satin and silk pajamas are ideal for romantic moments
Satin pajamas or silk pajamas are wonderful for those quiet romantic evenings at home. Ladies enjoy the soft touch of silk and satin, as well as the huge  comfort. Men simply -love- to see women wearing satin or silk. The sexy female often turns them on, which can mean a good start for a night full of love!

The discovery of silk in ChinaAccording to legend, in 2400 BC, silk was discovered in the garden of Emperor Huang Ti. Tradition has it that his wife Huang Ti Xi Lingshi asked what kind of animal was feeding on her mulberry trees. They discovered that the one guilty for that were white worms who would spun shiny cocoons. The wife dropped a cocoon in hot water by accident and she noticed she could pull a thread from it. Lingshi Xi had discovered silk. The next 2000 years, the making of silk remained a Chinese secret. If anyone would tell, they would suffer the death penalty.


  1. Who would never love a good night's sleep? What we wear during the night takes a vital role in the kind of sleep and rest we have. Silk and satin pajamas are one of the most comfortable outfits for sleeping. These give great comfort which results in great rest and sleep as well.