Friday, 28 June 2013

New advances in tattoo removal

We all make certain decisions in our lives that we may, gently or harshly, regret at some later instance. Like that time a friend I knew in college got a Chinese tattoo that she thought meant "Happiness" but really translated into "Underwear"... Not good at all! So, what happens when you've had enough of your body art, and want to get it removed?

Dermatologists recommend the route that Heidi Klum is taking, having a tattoo professionally removed with a laser. The supermodel started the tattoo removal process since she split with ex-lover Seal. It seems like she yet has to go a long way on tattoo removal highway, yet slowly but surely we are able to see a faint distinction from how it was before.

In case you're wondering how this tattoo removal with laser technology actually works, in this article I'm providing you with some answers to your questions.

One of the foremost common choices, and least invasive of all tattoo removal option available is doing so through this method of laser tattoo removal. After the tattoo affected skin has been made numb, the tattoo removal laser targets the ink particles on the inside of the skin cells, drawing the ink out of the skin cells where they are recognized as being "foreign", after which they are eliminated by the body, taken away as trash by the blood stream. What happens is that your body's own response acknowledges that the ink does not belong there and your vascular system gets rid of the the ink particles, and that is why the tattoo slowly fades away over a period of time.

So now there's quite a bit of exciting news within the world of tattoo removal: There is a brand new next-gen tattoo removal laser coming along that is higher in intensity, faster, and multiple times more effective than its predecessors.

It's known as the PicoSure laser by a company called Cynosure. This all new "it" tattoo removal laser is far better in breaking up the ink underneath the skin because it works more precise. There's higher clearance with fewer required treatments, which is certainly beneficial for our wallet's health! The PicoSure tattoo removal laser uses a shorter light-pulse (a stunning trillionth of a second compared to traditional "old fashion" lasers that use pulses in one billionth of a second.

This is wonderful news for those among us who walk around with a tattoo which is rather wished away then admired upon... And I know there are a lot of you who are in that position! So now it's a matter of waiting until a tattoo removal clinic near you buys one of those next-gen laser mahines and you'll finally have the best reason ever to get that nasty old tattoo removed once and for all!


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