Monday, 24 June 2013

How to make your own lipstick

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Yes! Your favorite blogger Gizzi is back with a new how-to-do-it-yourself cosmetics guide! This time I will teach you how to make your own lipstick. I have made my own lipstick for some months now and I LOVE it!

It more easy then you would suspect and like all the other home-made beauty products, this is a very fun one too! Let's see what we need...

  • A small amount of petroleum jelly
  • Your favorite eye-shadow
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Food flavoring of your choice
  • A microwave
  • A small tupperware
  • A teaspoon
Have all that? We're now going to start making own homemade lipstick!

  • Mix about four to five teaspoons of your eyeshadow with four to five teaspoons of petroleum jelly in the small tupperware. You can use more of less upon you requirement, but try to keep a 50/50 balance.
  • Heat the mixed content of the tupperware in your microwave for about ten seconds
  • Take it out, mix it again and make sure there's no cluttering
  • Now add a few drops of food coloring and food flavoring to give your lipstick mix a nice color and taste
  • Mix everything again using the teaspoon, the coloring should be evenly spread thhroughout the lipstick mix
  • Optionally add a few drops of fragrance to make your lipstick smell way awesome!
  • Microwave all of it again for about ten seconds and stir again
  • Now, transfer the warm lipstick liquid into an empty lipstick cylinder
  • Place inside the fridge for about half an hour, your lipstick should now be in a solid grease state.
All done! Congratulations! You have just made your own homemade lipstick!

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