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How to make your own deodorant - With recipe

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Home-made non-chemical aluminum-free deodorant

Finding a chemical-free, aluminum-free deodorant that actually works is not an easy task at all! When you are "green-minded" and want to get rid of those toxic products from the bathroom shelves. And moreover, are dedicated to put only natural components into your body, which is ultimately what makes your body the most healthy.

I don't really mind being called a "greenie", but the choice between smelly armpits and the risks that come with rolling unhealthy toxins onto my outer layer on a daily basis turned into quite a dilemma. My girlfriend (yes, girlfriend) works a nine-to-five job and would previously cover herself with the contents of fancy branded aerosol spray-cans filled with toxic scents. So what's the alternative? A natural, home-made deodorant that actually works and even smells quite nice!

And the best part is... This is way cheaper then all those chemical brand products you find in the hyper market! Tell me more, Gizz!! Okay, how can you make your own homemade deodorant?
This one is easy to make, you only need three ingredients for your homemade deodorant.
Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Essential oils
Homemade natural deodorant ingredients and other things you need

  • One empty deodorant tube
  • A few storage jars for your ingredients
  • Essential oils by personal taste
  • One-third cup of solid coconut oil
  • A quarter cup of natural, aluminium free baking soda
  • A quarter of a cup of arrowroot powder

Homemade chemical-free deodorant recipe instructions
Time to make your own deodorant: 10 minutes
Start with mixing the aluminium-free coconut oil (don't melt it), the baking soda and arrowroot powder in a bowl or small mixer or blender.
Now add five to ten drops of your personally selected essential oil(s) and mix it all again.

Almost done! When the mixture has about the same consistency as deodorants sold commercially, pout it into the empty deodorant roller (use one that is easy to refill). You can keep this natural toxic-free homemade deodorant for about a month. Keep it cool though, don't let warm tempreatures spil your self-made deodorant!

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