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Eternal youth, developments in the world of anti aging

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Eternal youth and the developments
in the world of anti aging
Isn't it true that everyone looks to stay forever young? The sweet pursue of eternal youth is however a very controversial and much debated issue. Real eternal youth is just a fairy tale, yet large corporations in the beauty and health industry make billions every year selling products that claim to extend beauty life-span, health life-span and yes, even our complete life-span in overall sense. You may think of cosmetic products in the likes of NIVEA Cellular Anti Aging, a product that is able to rejuvenate the skin. This specific innovative anti aging (or rather reverse aging) skin care product has a proven success rate, but it doesn't actually make you younger on all fronts. Products in this category just slow down the aging process. At the end, we will all grow older willingly or unwillingly.

When we live healthy and do everything we can to stay that way, sometimes the question why do we die? arises. Eternal youth is a fairy tale and the fact that our inner and outer body grows older is simply something we have to accept. But...we can do a lot to slow that process down!

Aging & Eternal youth
In order for you to be able to live longer while staying young, you should first need to understand the following: There are many causes of death. In fact, and this may sound stunning, there are relatively very few people who actually die a truly natural death, most of us will die because of accidents, disease, crime, natural disasters and other causes.

The percentage of people who die as a result of non-natural events has steadily gone up throughout the past forty years. Worldwide polution has gone up, natural disasters happen more often and crime-rates are high throughout the world. On average, the worldwide average of natural deaths is around 43%. In developed countries that percentage is higher (such as Netherlands 67% or Singapore 63%) while developing nations have a much lower percentage of natural deaths (such as Thailand 26% or China 31%).

The next sections of this blog post give you more extensive information on current developments in the field of anti aging and eternal youth. Don't miss out ya!

What causes natural death?

Well, as we grow older the cells in our body continuisly keep multiplying. This keeps our entire body new and fresh at all times. About every 8 weeks all the cells in your body are completely replaced by new cells. This excludes bones (teeth are bones as well). Bone-cells are essentially semi-dead.

However, in this process of replacement, the genes that are carried in each and every cell get shorter and shorter upon each and every dividing cycle. This happens extremely slowly, not even noticable with a powerful microscope, but it happens. Many many years later, starting from the age of 50+ we start to grow the impact of that. Our body gets a little bit weaker as the years move on and by the time we are in our 80's or 90's the genes in our body have become so short that they are barely able to pass-on the right functions anymore. If you're very lucky you could live up to a hundred, 110 or -even- 120, but for now that's really the utmost limit of what is possible.

And here comes the good news! In recent years, scientists have been working on pills that in a way "encapsule" our genes with a protective layer. This means that by taking this pill on a daily basis we would protect ourselves from growing older! These pills however are not on the market yet, they still need to be developed further, get medical trials and be approved. It is expected that around year 2020 we could see the first life extension pills on the market (probably VERY high priced!).

You can read more on this very topic a in the next section of this wonderful blog article, do read on!

Have scientists found the secret elixir of eternal youth?

It seems that t ancient secret of eternal youth has recently been finally “unlocked” in a truly remarkable research conducted by a team of scientists who paved the way for a “forever young medicine”. Our lifespan could increase exponentially (live longer) and our overall health would increase as well (live healthier), freed from illnesses in the likes of heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease while our skin and hair would stay young and beautiful. A drug like this could even allow women to have children naturally up to a very ripe age.

Reversing the aging process with a pill?
Can we stay forever young by eating
magic anti aging pills?
Increasing the years of healthy life would greatly ease national health care costs while vastly reducing the current heavy burden on families who have to care for ill loved ones. If you have seen the box-office topper movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” you might be able to get some idea of how big the impact of such a life-extension drug would be. In the film, actor Brad Pitt ages in reverse. Haven’t seen it yet?! Go see the movie right away!!

Back to real life, the scientists working on this project were able to enormously reverse the effects of aging in test animals (laboratory mice). BePrior to the treatment, the skin, brains, guts and other organs of the mice mirrored those of an 80 years old human. With just two months of daily drug intake which actually switches on a key enzyme, the mice magically rejuvenated to a human 40-year old age! Quite remarkably, the male mouse went from being infertile to fathering large litters!

Antioxidants for anti aging

Deep in our body, a large army of antioxidants protects us from aging and diseases. Nutrition labels on food- and beauty products tell us whether they contain antioxidants or not, and if so how many. By now, countless studies proved that antioxidants help us to prevent cancer and heart diseases, greatly reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, protect our precious memory, protect mucles and joints, releave pain  and avert blindness caused by macular degeneration and cataract.

So what are antioxidants? I assume for a moment you are not a monk living in the Himalayas, who are known for their pure lifestyle including their pure diet while enjoying almost 100% clean air, and being Zen 18 out of the 24 hours a day counts. You (and all of us with you) are constantly being bombarded by negative elements: pollution, harmful chemicals in food and cosmetics, UV rays and so on. Those thing do your cells no good, it brings damage and destruction.

Damaged cells usually lose one of their two electrons, which detaches once it gets hurt. Once a cell (or better: molecule) has only one electron we refer to it as being a "free radical", also called oxidant. Ant-oxidants have three electrons, of which they are able to "donate" one to free radicals, making them healthy again. Antioxidants actually do a lot more than rescuing cells in distress, for instance: fighting pollutants inside your body such as nicotine and smog and prevent them from causing cancer.

Eternal youth... Can it really come in a jar?
Anti aging creams for younger looking skin
The cosmetics industry picking up on eternal your & new developments in anti aging skin care

Anti aging skin care has become a billion dollar industry in the last twenty years. And the cream get more advanced year by year. Recently NIVEA introduced its Cellular Anti Aging day cream and night cream which now has received actual scientific proof of making the skin not only look younger but really rejuvenating it on cellular level. That was absolutely not possible ten years ago when "anti age skin care" products only seemed to made your skin "appear" younger.

NIVEA is not the only skin care brand that makes progress in the field of anti ageing. Currently we are expecting a true Tsunami of new innovative anti ageing skin care products coming on the market by this year and the next few upcoming years. This even includes products that will contain stem cells, a method long known to rejuvenate cells in our body. Which bring us to the next level of our article on "Eternal youth" and anti-aging...

Stem cell treatment for anti aging and fighting diseases

The following may be a bit technical, but bear with me, it's in fact quite interesting.

In the utmost earliest stage of development of an embryo (unborn baby), the cells have the capability of dividing indefinitely and then forming into any type of cell that is required at that moment. Recent scientific research has now shown that many of these "embryonic stem cells" are retained by small populations of cells within a lot of tissues in our full-grown bodies. Inter cellular signals which are actually controlling the proliferation, differentiation and survival of stem cells are now being identified and include a very diverse selection of growth factors, cytokines and cell adhesion molecules.

Specialized internal cellular mechanisms which regulate stem cell destiny are also emerging and include established second messenger pathways, novel transcription factors and telomerase.

That a decline in the number of stem cells and the plasticity of stem cell populations contributes in a high degree to aging and age-related disease has now been proven by these research projects. The amazing feature of stem cell plasticity tells us that transplanted stem cells are able to be be optimized in ways that allows the donor stem cells to replace lost or dysfunctional cells in our body, enabling us to cure diseases ranging from Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease to degenerative eye diseases such as Retinitis Pigmentosa. Which is quite amazing, since this enables us in the near future to "undo" many of the diseases that make our lives harder or even can get us to eventually die.

12 tips that make you live longer

So down to the basics, what can you do -now- in order to live longer and healthier? Here are 12 ways to accomplish that!

  • Get sufficient rest but don't oversleep
  • Think positive and live optimistic
  • Stop smoking, limit drinking (of alcohol)
  • Drugs don't make you live longer with the exception of occasional marijuana (don't smoke it)
  • Have more sex
  • Relax and have fun at least 12 hours per week
  • Love, care and give
  • Regular exercise is essential
  • A healthy diet containing mostly organic whole foods
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Meditate and reflect
  • Don't worry too much

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