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11 secret tricks for healthy and beautiful hair

You want healthy hair... 
You want beautiful hair... 

But what are best practices to accomplish that? In this post you will find 11 healthy and beautiful hair “secrets” that will certainly help you with just that! Some of these tips, tricks and guidelines are maybe already known to you, but for those ones... It’s good to be reminded again! 

Let’s run the list shall we?

Always wash your hair with lower temperature water
Secret trick #1 in: How to have healthy and beautiful hair

Quite a lot of people unknowingly damage their hair by washing it with the same very hot water used to wash the rest of their body. Hair is very sensitive to temperatures, especially hot temperature. It can severely damage the outer layer of your hairs, making it prone to dust and other particles as well as bacteria from outside.

The second secret trick in: How to get healthy and beautiful hair is:
Wash your hair every other day

Or even every third day. Washing your hair on a daily basis can damage the outer layer of your hairs as well because shampoos contain chemicals that makes your hair cells weak. If you wash your hair too often, those weakened hair cells don’t have enough time to recover and will eventually fall off, which makes your hair thin and easily breakable.

The third secret tip in: How to maintain healthy and beautiful hair is:
Use a shampoo designed for your thair type

Hair comes in many types. Dry, oily, thick, thin, curly, straight... There are shampoos and conditioners available for literally every hair type in the world, sometimes you need to source a little but once you found the right product, your hair’s quality and look will improve almost instantly. You can test out a few different brands, but do make sure that when you want to go in testing mode, you should use one specific brand / product for at least two weeks before trying out another one because your hair needs time to adapt.

Don’t put the shampoo in the middle of your hand and push it into the middle of your scalp
Is the forth secret trick in: How do I get healthy and beautiful hair

Instead, rub your shampoo and / or conditioner on both of your hands to evenly distribute it. Then smoothly apply it to your hair by stroking through it with your fingers.
In this case you should rinse your face, neck and back thoroughly after washing your hair.

Secret trick numer five in: How do I keep my hair healthy and beautiful is:
Always use a conditioner after washing your hair

Conditioning your hair is one of the utmost crucial steps to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Get a good, well known brand like l’Oreal, Schwatzkopf or Andrelon which you let soak into your hair for a about five to ten minutes before rinsing it.

Going organic is even better
Is the sixth secret tip in: How can I make my hair healthy and beautiful:

As I mentioned before, almost all commercially sold hair products contain chemicals that do a lot of good, but also bad to your hair. Instead, and if I were you I would prefer that option, you could instead choose to use a shampoo and conditioner that is 100% organic. One very good brand is Raw Gaia, which I use myself as well.

The seventh secret trick in: How does my hair stay healthy and beautiful is:
Pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it

Did you know that hair cells are almost similar to skin cells? And that hair cells are a lot more sensitive then stheir sibling cells? So don’t be too rough on your hair! When you dry your hair, put the towel on your head in a turban shape, let it sit for a few minutes (Ilet it sit for about 10 min. myself) and then, when you take it off, you should pat your hair in between the towel instead of rubbing your head with it. If you really must use a blow dryer, make sure to set it on low or medium heat!

Never brush your hair when it’s wet
Secret trick number eight in: How to get healthy and beautiful hair

Brushes break your hair severely when your hair is still wet, even when it’s wet just a little bit. When your hair has dried you could use a (soft) comb while picking up sections of your hair to comb very gently and carefully. Be very aware not to over brush, because it can easily make your hair greasy and damage your hair and scalp. Never use a hard brush, even when your hair is dry. Don’t force your comb through knits, but first use your fingers to get the strangled hairs to loosen up.

Get your hair trimmed regularly
The 9th secret trick in: How to have beautiful & healthy hair

Most women want longer hair and believe that trimming it will slow down their hair growth. This is simply not true and I tell you why: without a trim, your hair gets split ends. Split ends break and tear, leaving very ugly ends and will actually not let your hair grow as long as when you do get it trimmed. I’ve written a blog post specifically focusing on how to make your hair grow faster, you may be interested to read that one as well.

Secret trick #10 in: How to get healthy and beautiful hair (we’re almost there!) is:
If you color your hair stay within two shades of your natural color

A new hair color should compliment your skin tone and eye color. Think about your current style, hair style as well as fashion style, makeup style and more generally speaking how you want people to perceive you. Be absolutely certain that  you have your hair in the best possible condition before coloring. And if any way possible, ask the hair saloon if they can take your picture and computer-color your hair first, so that you are still able to slightly adjust your choice.

The last secret trick girls! How to get healthy and beautiful hair tip #11:
Eating a healthy, diet is a must for healthy, beautiful hair!

 Top-quality nutrition, preferably organic whole foods and LOTS of vitamins is by far the most effective way of getting awesome looking, super healthy hair. Take this one very seriously okay? Not only for the sake of beautiful hair but for your overall body health as well!

We've come to end of this quick trick tutorial guide on how to get and keep beautiful and healthy hair. Hope you take some or all of these advises with you and treasure them as holy hair secrets J xx Gizzi

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