Sunday, 14 July 2013

How to get rid of stretch marks?

How to get rid of stretch marks?
Can you get rid of stretch marks? This question sounds quite simple, yet the answer is not so easy at all! If you would ask ten skin specialists this question, you are very likely to get back ten different answers, spread all across the board!

On one side of the stretch mark debate are those skin specialists who believe that the answer to the question “can you really get rid of stretch marks” is a definite “no”. The various reasons behind this firm rejection is most often being associated with collagen. A lot of skin specialists out there believe that once collagen is being / has been decreased in a specific area of the body, there is no way to regenerate that collagen which in effect would prevent the skin to properly heal and being restored to its normal elasticity.

On the flip side of the stretch mark debate are the (positive minded) skin specialists who believe that stretch marks certainly CAN be fixed. There have been reports from several tests which seem to indicate that it IS possible to rebuild the level of collagen in our beloved skin. These tests show us as well that it doesn’t take extremely intense prescription drugs to rebuild the collagen in our skin. Many people, in particular pregnant women, have reported a reduction in their stretch marks after they used common products in the likes of  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and similar specialized products. These kind of products usually cost less than €4,00 (or 5 US dollar) and are widely available just about anywhere products for the skin are sold, both in retail shops and on the internet.

Moisturizing the skin is in most cases a very helpful preventive measure against the formation of those ugly stretch marks. And since the world of skin specialists is still largely divided on this very subject, you will basically need to decide for yourself which side of the debate you want to believe. I would say, give the stretch mark products a fair chance and see what happens. One thing is sure, it won’t hurt you nor your skin!


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  2. Thank you for providing homemade remedies for the stretch marks. It has useful information for suffering people...
    nevertheless It would be great to use the best stretch mark removal creams to reduce the occurred stretch marks with more effective result.

  3. The process associated with steps how to reduce stretch marks might be a slow one but this is fine as along as progress is being made. Progress is, of course, defined as the discolored stretch marks slowly fading away.

    One thing I do not want to do here is lead you to assume that any expensive stretch mark cream is right for those interested in learning how to reduce stretch marks. The cost of the cream and the advertising campaign employed to promote it are not what makes the cream effective.

    Rather, you will need to seek out well-reviewed stretch mark creams which are made from a unique proprietary blend of ingredients. This way, you can feel confident that the product you are purchasing is more likely to deliver on the intended results.